Innovation and precision, at the heart of watchmaking

Chronode: Innovation and Precision at the Heart of Watchmaking

Chronode stands out in the watchmaking world for its unwavering commitment to innovation and precision. Through its design, production and project management processes, Chronode pushes traditional boundaries to offer exceptional watch movements. This article explores how Chronode integrates innovation at each level of its activity, while placing the customer at the center of all its approaches.

Innovation in the Service of Watchmaking

At Chronode, innovation is not limited to the simple creation of new products. It is expressed through every aspect of the business, from new features and materials used to innovative designs and integrated technologies. Chronode takes a holistic approach to innovation, applied not only to product design, but also to production and logistics processes.

Innovation at Chronode consists of thinking outside the box, crossing the limits of the comfort zone and stimulating collective creativity. This bold approach allows the company to stand out in a competitive market, by offering products that perfectly meet customer expectations. Knowing the brand’s history, environment and vision is essential to placing the customer at the center of the creative process. For Chronode, innovation is above all a state of mind.

Movement Qualification: Guaranteeing Reliability and Quality

Movement qualification is a crucial strategic step between development and mass production. At Chronode, this step is carried out within the company laboratory, on the basis of dedicated protocols. It makes it possible to test the reliability of watch complications by simulating their aging and taking into account all the technical specificities of the projects.

Over the years, Chronode SA’s skills have significantly strengthened, allowing the company to carry out all standard tests internally. This ability to test and certify the quality of movements ensures that each product meets the highest standards in the watch industry. Thus, Chronode ensures that each watch movement is of impeccable reliability and quality, offering its customers exceptional products.

The Job of Project Manager: Orchestrating Watchmaking Creation

The job of project manager is common to many companies, but it requires specific and advanced skills in the field of watchmaking. At Chronode, the project manager is a true maestro of planning management and customer/supplier relations. He orchestrates each stage of the creation of a movement with impeccable attention to detail, from the initial study to the validation of production processes and the choice of the best suppliers.

Project managers at Chronode are able to demonstrate lucidity in all situations, precisely identifying the best solutions for each project. Their ultimate objective is to satisfy prestigious customers who trust Chronode to produce watch movements. The responsiveness and flexibility of project managers allow Chronode to meet the high demands of its customers and deliver high-quality products on time.

At Chronode, watchmaking is a mixture of passion, conviviality and teamwork. The company’s watchmakers embody the perfect alliance between tradition and innovation, marking each second in a unique way. Their responsiveness and flexibility enable the creation of timeless creations that reflect Chronode’s commitment to excellence and innovation.


Chronode is a pioneer in modern watchmaking, integrating innovation at all levels of its activity. Thanks to a global approach to innovation, a reinforced capacity to test and certify the quality of movements, and expert project managers, Chronode offers products that meet the most demanding expectations. Chronode’s commitment to innovation and precision allows the company to stand out in the world of watchmaking, creating exceptional movements that mark each second in a unique way. To find out more about Chronode’s exciting professions and discover how we are revolutionizing watchmaking, follow us on our social networks.

Together, let’s continue to imagine and create the watchmaking concepts of tomorrow.