The Automotive Adventure: An Inspiring Collaboration with Dubois Dépraz

Chronode: A Dive into Innovation and Watchmaking Mastery

Chronode continues to stand out in the world of watchmaking through its commitment to innovation, collaboration and excellence in every project. This article explores three iconic projects and key roles within Chronode, highlighting how the company integrates tradition and innovation to create exceptional watch movements.

The Automotive Adventure: An Inspiring Collaboration with Dubois Dépraz

One of Chronode’s flagship projects is the development of the movement for the “Laventure Automobile” watch in collaboration with Dubois Dépraz. This watch, designed entirely in Switzerland, draws its inspiration from the 1960s, an era marked by legendary automobile races and daring adventures. The movement of this watch is based on the self-winding C102 Chronode caliber, on which the Dubois Dépraz 2020 chronograph module is mounted.

This collaboration with Clément Gaud, founder of the LAVENTURE brand, was a fruitful meeting which made it possible to create a movement which pays homage to a legendary era while integrating modern technologies. The “Automobile” Chronograph collection perfectly embodies the spirit of innovation and precision that characterizes Chronode.

The Essential Role of the Management Controller at Chronode

At Chronode, the management controller plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the efficiency of logistics processes, from parts procurement to production. Responsible for inventory quantities and their valuations, the management controller also controls costs, including purchases, the calculation of standard prices and the measurement of production variances.

Working in close collaboration with the ERP system, the management controller ensures that the basic data is correct and that the logistics flows put in place are respected. This role requires rigorous discipline, a capacity for anticipation and a developed sense of organization. Thanks to this vigilance, Chronode can maintain a high level of quality and performance in its operations.

Cyrus Klepcys Dice: An avant-garde watch

The Cyrus Klepcys Dice watch, designed, developed and produced by Chronode, is a perfect example of the company’s avant-garde innovation. This unique model incorporates double independent single-pusher chronographs with mechanisms visible on the dial side, offering clear and intuitive reading thanks to the position of the hands 180° apart and the distinction of each chronograph by a color specific.

This watch fully represents the values ​​of the CYRUS brand: innovation, exclusivity and strong design personality. The Cyrus Klepcys Dice demonstrates Chronode’s ability to push the boundaries of watch design while maintaining optimal functionality and attractive aesthetics.


Chronode continues to redefine modern watchmaking through its commitment to innovation, precision and collaboration. Projects like the “Laventure Automobile” watch and the Cyrus Klepcys Dice perfectly illustrate how Chronode integrates cutting-edge technologies and daring designs to create exceptional watch movements. The essential role of the management controller ensures that each stage of the production process is carried out with the greatest rigor, guaranteeing products of the highest quality.

By combining tradition and innovation, Chronode creates watches that are not just instruments for measuring time, but true works of watchmaking art. To learn more about Chronode’s exciting projects and discover how we are revolutionizing watchmaking, follow us on our social networks. Together, let’s continue to imagine and create the watchmaking concepts of tomorrow.